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epilogue (the tennis lesson). - Echo of Gongs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the Gong Family

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epilogue (the tennis lesson). [Jul. 15th, 2009|10:15 pm]
the Gong Family


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about the tennis lesson, it didn't go too badly. the other guy has a decent sense of timing, but as usual, his difficulties are those of familiarity and practice.

e.g. switching grips,
how close should the ball be (to swing at it), etc.

it may not have been incredible excitement, the way that 爸爸 taught/drilled us tennis, but i wouldn't trade those instincts for anything else.

in retrospect, picking up balls is good for the soul. a few courts down from us, this morning, one camp counselor kept yelling at the kids to pick up the balls. man, 打得小! [1]

on a related note, my favorite shot is a running cross-court (forehand) shot.

unlike hitting it down the line, you can cut loose a little -- being that diagonals are longer than sides of rectangles -- and get terrific speed out of it.

there's also the killjoy effect. the opponent thinks that (s)he has you on the run, but little does (s)he know .. mmwoohahaha! (;

[1] at least, i think that's what i meant. there's a risk of using cantodict too literally.

[User Picture]From: della_quinn
2009-07-25 03:51 am (UTC)


that is funny-- teaching kids to pick up balls without needing to yell at them! i am sure it happened, but i do not recall 'hating' to pick up tennis balls. i guess it is easier when you have a whole system in place like a well-oiled machine (each of us had our positions to keep the system running smoothly). if you screwed up, you screwed everyone else too, so that is motivation to get the job done.

my fave shot (can you guess?)
cross-court backhand!
the feeling i get when i run one down, AND i was fast enough to get two hands on the racquet and swing away with my instinct. then i look up, and wow! it is in, AND the person couldn't get it!
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[User Picture]From: grey_ghost
2009-07-25 08:02 pm (UTC)
huh. and here i thought it would be safe to hit to your backhand ..
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