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what if's .. california. - Echo of Gongs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the Gong Family

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what if's .. california. [Oct. 24th, 2006|11:24 pm]
the Gong Family


i'm glad that i'm not looking for jobs this year, but admittedly, if i were, then i would be tempted to send an application to UC Davis. their mathematics department is hiring:

The Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Davis, is soliciting applications for a few post-doctoral Arthur J. Krener Assistant Professor positions starting July 1, 2007, subject to budgetary and administrative approval. For tenure-track positions, please see http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/employ/jobs/faculty_2007.

The Department seeks applicants with excellent research potential in areas of faculty interest and effective teaching skills. The annual salary of this position is $49,900. Applicants for the Krener Assistant Professorship are required to have completed their Ph.D. by the time of their appointment, but no earlier than July 1, 2003. The appointment is renewable for a total of up to three years, assuming satisfactory performance in research and teaching.

say dug'ay: how does $49k float with cost-of-living, over there? (;

wouldn't it be strange, if three of us ended up in northern california? oh well: just a fleeting fancy ..

[User Picture]From: belveana
2006-10-26 12:45 am (UTC)
You would do FINE with that salary here --- in fact, if you are even remotely serious, the combined forces of you and I must go house-hunting!

I'm not good at discerning what's expensive or not, but I can tell you that:
- a wide variety of veg at the farmer's market is super-fresh, which I am sure that you culinary folk would appreciate;
- you would be very comfy here as a car-less person ... even more so as a bike-ful person ... who also runs when the fancy strikes him;
- not sure what to say about the school support system though --- they seem to hinder more than help, especially when it comes to faculty.

You can ask Yeggs, but I think Davis would really suit you.

I can definitely see myself staying in this area (wide-lens of N. Cali) for some time, especially if both my job and Sam's job stay stable. But I don't believe that Yeggs is limiting herself geographically, so I only have a few months to continue enjoying the pleasure of her company within a couple hours' drive (or a 3h train ride for you car-less folks out there).

Don't mention these fairly silly notions to Ba though --- his imagination will run rampant, and he will giggle with glee!
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[User Picture]From: grey_ghost
2006-10-26 03:05 am (UTC)
just to reiterate, it was an unrealistic notion. they will probably find someone (likely there are lots of applicants for such a position) for the job, and won't be looking for any new faculty for the year after.

Davis sounds like a nice place to live. if i ever get my act together, i might summon up the willpower to come and visit. let's hope that's not as unrealistic .. \:
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[User Picture]From: della_quinn
2006-10-29 10:28 pm (UTC)


my impression was that Dongch is musing upon the possibility of a faculty job, rather than viewing it as atrue option, but it never hurt to start looking!

having been to Pitt and Ann Arbor, i feel that i have a good idea of what type of car-less lifestyle that Dongch is all about. the little that i have seen of Davis leads me to believe that the city fits better in the 'sub-' rather than the 'urban' aspect of the spectrum. despite that, little independent coffeehouses are aplenty, especially in the downtown area, mixed in with the hubbub of young academic life. i think it is a pleasant place to be, though i experienced terrible allergies in May when Duggie and i were apt hunting...

i've pretty much decided that i will end up at either coast for the post doc, particularly N.Cal or NYC. i will keep my options open and look for labs in Boston, but that is third choice for sure. if luck goes my way, i'll stay in CA for a few more years yet. again, let's not feed Ba's imagination any more than we need to!
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